Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Character Modeling for DC Digital animation group

Here are some of the screenshots of my demo showing how to model a character in 3dsmax. thanks to geoill's sketches

1.I started by setting up two planes and applied the two images(drawn in a t-pose) as textures as reference for the front and side view.make sure the texture is mapped correctly

2. I started to model a box and set it's center in the origin or at zero on the x-axis. added the edit poly modifier then deleted the other half of the box.

3. I mirrored an instance of the box on the x-axis. I then started to form the box into the shape of character.

4. Once I got the model set up. I added a meshsmooth modifier because the character is suppose to be smooth.

5.Once I am finished modeling the rest of the parts of the character, I deleted the instances and then mirrored again as a copy.

6.Then I attached everything into one editable poly. Finally welded all the vertices in the middle.

7. I then exported it as an obj for Will to import in Maya

Here is the link to the meetup group DC DIGITAL ANIMATION